Feeling Wheel

Children and adolescents (and even adults) can find it difficult to express exactly how they're feeling. Sometimes the feelings are too overwhelming and it becomes impossible to talk about, and sometimes we just don't want to talk. As a parent it can become disheartening when your child doesn't want to share with you how they're … Continue reading Feeling Wheel


The New School Year

The new school year can be exceptionally anxiety provoking for children (and teens) and therefore their parents or caregivers.  The new school year means a new teacher, possibly new or different classmates, and sometimes even a new school, with a new school uniform, and completely new environment. There are a number of ways that families can try to make the new school year as stress and anxiety free as possible.  Educational psychologist Claire Maher has advice for families as they enter into a new year of school routines.

Sexuality Talks

Sex and sexuality are generally conversations that parents would prefer not to have with their children.  However, these are areas that require attention from the very beginning.  Educational Psychologist Claire Maher considers what is appropriate to discuss with your children, and how to answer those tricky questions.

Self-Esteem in Children

Many children struggle with performance anxiety and inadequacies (often unfounded), which are factors associated with poor self-esteem, or a poor self-concept.  A child’s self-esteem can be influenced by factors such as temperament, parenting and parental attitudes to failures and successes, parental self-esteem, teachers, feedback regarding performances and peer relationships.  A parent’s acceptance of self can … Continue reading Self-Esteem in Children

Raising Confident Daughters

A history of inequality and gender stereotyping leads us to question whether we are raising our children to take on gender specific roles in the home and in the workplace. Educational psychologist Claire Maher takes a closer look at how our daughters can be raised to hold their own in a patriarchal society.

Raising a Gifted Child

Some parents may dream of having a gifted child – a child who can become a concert pianist, top medical student or a national rugby player with ease.  However, having a gifted child is not without its challenges, and as with parents of non-gifted children, parents of gifted children require extensive support.  Claire Maher, Educational Psychologist, explores these challenges and provides some guidelines for parents of gifted children.

Parenting the Spirited Child

  The word ‘spirited’ is often used as an alternative for ‘stubborn,’ ‘strong-willed,’ ‘high-energy’ or even ‘difficult’ when describing a child. While these may seem like typically negative characteristics, if managed correctly by parents, they can be positive, endearing and appealing traits for a child to possess.  Spirited suggests strength and hope, as opposed to … Continue reading Parenting the Spirited Child